JustaMinx hit with second Twitch ban over “derogatory slur”

YouTube: JustaMinx

Popular Twitch star JustaMinx has been suspended from the Amazon-owned streaming platform for a “derogatory slur,” after she jokingly used the word “cracker” several times on-stream.

JustaMinx, 25, has been temporarily banned from Twitch for the second time in as many years. Her surprise site suspension is reportedly due to her use of the word “cracker,” a term Twitch has previously ruled to be a “derogatory slur,” in a past broadcast.

The Irish streaming star leaves behind 1.9 million followers now without access to her channel and VODs. She has been banned for seven days and will be free to host livestreams again on February 14.

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Following confirmation of her suspension from the platform, JustaMinx took to Twitter: “Well shiver me timbers, I’m banned for a derogatory slur.”

This isn’t the first time JustaMinx has found herself on the wrong end of a Twitch ban for her on-stream comments either.

The star’s first suspension, which came way back in December 2020, was due to her use of the words “virgin, simp, and incel”. These words had been added to Twitch’s Terms of Service as “hateful slurs” that same month, and led to her receiving her first channel strike.

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JustaMinx enjoyed an explosion of popularity in 2021, climbing to a mammoth 1.9 million-strong following on the famous Amazon-owned streaming site.

JustaMinx on her YouTube video.YouTube: JustaMinx
The 25-year-old recently hit 2,000 subscribers on Twitch early on in the new year.

Twitch has yet to confirm if JustaMinx’s suspension is due to her use of the “cracker” or if it was another statement that put her in hot water.

If it is, however, the Irish star’s ban brings to the fore a controversy from late 2021; whether the term carries anti-white sentiments. Top streamer Hasan Piker was previously suspended for using the word while discussing its connotations, sparking a platform-wide debate on its usage.

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The Amazon-owned platform’s stance on the word is addressed in its Terms of Service. “Hateful conduct is any content or activity that promotes or encourages discrimination or harassment based on… race, ethnicity, color, caste, national origin, [and more].”

JustaMinx is now prohibited from streaming on Twitch for a week, a fact she’s not happy about. “I can’t do another seven days! Let me out! Free me!”

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