JustaMinx claims she was kicked out of OpTic house after psych ward “scam”

JustaMinx says optic gave her 24 hours to vacate houseYouTube: Justa Minx

Twitch streamer ‘JustaMinx’ says she was given “24 hours” to move out of the OpTic house after returning from a “psych ward” she’d been encouraged to stay in.

The last 24 hours have been chaotic for JustaMinx. On her birthday, November 3, the streamer’s home was broken into by a man sleeping underneath the house, and her two cats had gone missing.

Since then, she’s managed to locate one of her cats and discovered that the man had been hoarding drugs beneath her home (as well as “hacking IP addresses”).

However, the incident caused some confusion as to where Minx was staying, with some fans assuming she was still living in the OpTic house with fellow streamers CodeMiko and the Botez sisters.

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Minx has previously stated that she is no longer staying at the OpTic house and has been moving quite frequently over the past few weeks — although she wasn’t clear as to why she’d removed herself from her previous living arrangements.

JustaMinx says OpTic gave her “24 hours” to vacate house

She clarified the situation on November 4, a day after the break in, claiming that OpTic had given her just 24 hours to vacate the house after her return from a “psych ward,” where the streamer says she was encouraged to stay under the impression that her visit was already paid for.

Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, it was not, and she had to pay $10,000 for her visit.

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“This isn’t the OpTic house where the break in happened,” she said in a tweet. “When I was released from the psych ward, they told me I had 24 hours to get out of the house, hence why I’ve had to move three times the past month.”

Minx OpTic tweet 1Twitter: MinxMore

That’s not all; Minx went on to claim that OpTic had asked her to sign an NDA during this time to avoid speaking about the 24-hour notice. “One of their employees leaked it to my mods and friends,” she added. “I haven’t spoken about it because I was hoping to get to talk to them more, but they had no interest.”

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Minx OpTic Tweet 2Twitter: MinxMore

Minx’s stay at the supposed psych ward followed a swath of drama for the streamer, who was accused of “blackmailing” another broadcaster.

JustaMinx reveals OpTic offered settlement & NDA

Minx also opened up about the matter during a broadcast on November 4, where she further clarified the situation, saying that OpTic had offered her a settlement if she signed the supposed NDA.

“When I got out of the psych ward, two members of OpTic collected me,” she began. “I was like damn, after everything that went down, I thought I’d be let go. They told me to go to Texas with them because it would be better for my mental health. The next day, I got a call from my agent. They asked me to hop in a call. They told me, ‘You have 24 hours to get out of the house.’ I completely understand them dropping me with everything that went on, but after they f*cked me over with my Visa, giving me 24 hours to move out is insane.”

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“That’s why I keep moving palace to place… I’ve been living Airbnb by Airbnb, my cats too, moving them out in 24 hours. They wont let me back in the OpTic house. I don’t know why they wont give me a reason. They said ‘allegations.’ Every time I try to reach out, they say, ‘We can talk to you if you’re getting a lawyer. They wanted me to sign an NDA for the same amount as they would pay me monthly, so I won’t talk about it. I was thinking about it, because you know I wasn’t able to stream, I had that whole breakdown, but I was like, Can I think about it? And then one of their employees leaked it to everyone, and I found out from others that they knew I was fired.”

Minx also shared a screenshot of her conversation with a higher-up at the company.

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minx optic messages copyTwitch: JustaMinx

Minx took a lengthy hiatus from social media to focus on her mental health and has since returned to broadcasting, with fans eagerly awaiting an update on the breakin at her new home.

Dexerto has reached out to OpTic Gaming for comment.