JustaMinx’s home broken into by man sleeping under her house

JustaMinx home broken into by man sleeping under houseTwitch: JustaMinx

Popular Twitch streamer ‘JustaMinx’ woke up on the morning of her birthday to find that her window had been smashed, presumably by a man who’d been sleeping underneath her home.

Update 11/3/2022 11:26 PT: Minx has found her other cat, Sylum, although the pet’s health has not been revealed at the time of writing. According to the streamer, she hasn’t been able to retrieve Sylum from beneath her house.

Minx also shared footage of the underside of her home, where a large amount of sleeping bags and illicit materials were apparently present.

Original story is as follows:

JustaMinx is an Irish Twitch streamer who has returned to social media after a lengthy hiatus.

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She’s been active on Twitter and is getting back into the swing of streaming, all while preparing to celebrate her birthday on November 3… but the festivities were put on hold due to a frightening incident.

The morning of November 3, Minx published a tweet claiming that her window had been smashed and her home broken into.

JustaMinx’s cat missing after home invasion

Minx’s claims of her home being broken into came with images of her window being smashed in. That’s not all, though; she also said that her two cats, Cornelius and Sylum, were missing.

“Quite possibly the worst birthday ever,” the streamer said of the ordeal. “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

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Luckily, Minx was able to find one of her kitties, Cornelius — but made another discovery that set her hair on end. According to the streamer, a man had been sleeping underneath her home, and presumably was the one who’d broken into her house.

She also claimed that they’d smashed the window that had a security camera, leading fans to believe that she had lost any possible recordings of the purported break-in.

Despite this, Minx says that the homeowner has footage of “two men,” and says that she was able to get law enforcement involved to investigate the home invasion.

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Thus far, Minx hasn’t been able to get under the house to look for Sylum, saying police want to retrieve the invader’s fingerprints if possible.

Amouranth responds after Minx’s home gets broken into

Minx’s predicament caught the attention of fans and fellow creators online, with Twitch star Amouranth expressing her concern for the influencer in a tweet and urging her to move.

“OMG I TOLD YOU LAST TIME I WAS THERE,” the streamer wrote. “I said it doesn’t sound haunted, it’s more probable there’s a squatter and that’s way more scary. YOUR LIFE. IS. CRAZY. Please move, be safe!”

Fans are sending the broadcaster their well wishes amid this trying time as they await more information on the status of Minx’s missing cat, Sylum. We’ll keep you updated on the situation right here on Dexerto.

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