Josh Richards believes he and Nessa Barrett will “never” get back together

. 1 year ago
Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett in a YouTube video together
YouTube: Josh Richards

TikTok star Josh Richards has revealed on the BFFs podcast that he doesn’t believe he and ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett will ever get back together, following their recent split.

Fans were left stunned on April 1 when TikToker Mads Lewis uploaded a video that implied Nessa Barrett had ‘taken’ her boyfriend Jaden Hossler following their recent break-up.

While Mads unfollowed both stars on social media, she later said, “I agree the video was immature, and I could have expressed myself in a different way, or even just kept it to myself.” Nessa said about the situation that she’s “not in a place to entertain those full of hatred and lies.”

Shortly after, Josh Richards reacted to the video on the BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy, and he revealed that he and Nessa were actually “on a break,” and were not together. He also called Mads’ claims about Jaden and Nessa “bizarre.”

The situations left both fans and the people involved confused, and since then many have been wondering where these creators stand with each other, and how the drama has affected their relationships.

Now, on a new episode of BFFs, Josh has gone into more detail about what the future holds for him and his former girlfriend.

Topic starts at 2:09

When Brianna asked him if he sees a future for him and Nessa, he replied, “no. I don’t think so. I think that me and Ness are pretty much 100% for sure never gonna be together again. But like, we’re definitely friends. I would never not be there for her, if she called me.”

He added that “I still reach out to her,” to check and see if she’s okay, and to congratulate her on her recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon with Jaden to perform their song ‘La Di Die.’ Josh also said that “I wouldn’t ever want us to lose our friendship.”

This may have disappointed some fans who were hoping to see the pair back together at some point in the future, but it’s clear that the two stars still remain friends behind the scenes.

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