Bhad Bhabie slams “ignorant” Dr. Phil for response to Turn-About Ranch allegations

Dr Phil next to Bhad BhabieYouTube: Dr. Phil / Bhad Bhabie

Rapper Danielle Bregoli a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie has slammed Dr. Phil for his response to her video exposing the dark truth behind the Turn-About Ranch program, calling him “ignorant.”

Danielle originally came into the public eye when she appeared on the Dr. Phil show at age 13, her mother seeking help over the teen’s “out of control” behavior.

She quickly became known as the “catch me outside girl” thanks to her sassy comebacks in the segment, becoming a viral internet sensation. She’s since gone on to build a successful career as a rapper and is hugely popular on social media.

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Her appearance on the show resulted in her attending the Turn-About Ranch in Escalante Utah, a correctional program for “troubled teens.”

However, Daniella revealed the dark truth behind the facility in a March 19 video titled, ‘Breaking Code Silence.’ The star described ranches like Turn-About as “f***ed up,” and detailed incidents in which “they had no problem holding kids down,” even though they aren’t allowed to.

The star also referenced the case of a girl named Hannah who alleged she was sexually assaulted at the facility when she was 17, and talked about a murder incident that happened while she stayed there.

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Now in a new video, the rapper has slammed Dr. Phil for his response to her original video, after he was asked about in an interview with News Nation.

Dr. Phil claimed he “doesn’t remember too much about” Bhad Bhabie’s story, as it was over five years ago, but Danielle responded, “you don’t remember nothing about the story? All my clips total on your YouTube channel got 160 million views. And that doesn’t even include how much you made on the show itself.”

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She added that “in every interview you do they ask about me, and you give detailed answers,” playing clips from multiple different shows in which she was mentioned.

“How could you be so ignorant, and so unaccepting of your wrongs, he really acts like a child,” Danielle said, adding that the interview “was not a f***ing apology.”

The rapper is continuing to urge those who have been on Dr. Phil or people who have attended ranches for “troubled teens” like Turn-About to reach out with their story.

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