JoJo Siwa stops concert to curse out booing attendee at NYC Pride show

Meera Jacka
JoJo Siwa at NYC pride

JoJo Siwa stopped her NYC Pride performance at Trixie Mattel’s concert event to curse out an audience member who booed her.

Former Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa has been turning heads since announcing her “not made for children era” in May, releasing music to celebrate her new “bad girl” persona. However, the switch hasn’t been popular with all of Siwa’s viewers, many of whom claim her first single ‘Karma’ featured the “worst” dance moves in history.

Despite announcing on TikTok that she had heard fans’ critiques “loud and clear” and intended to switch things up for “her next move”, Siwa has continued to face backlash. Most recently, during her performance at Trixie Mattel’s Pride Disco event in New York City.

After being booed by a member of the audience, Siwa stopped the concert to call out the crowd member responsible and curse them out.

A now-viral clip posted on TikTok by user ‘emilyxinfinity‘ showed the incident go down, as Siwa stopped the concert and demanded to know “who the f***” had “booed” her.

“Where the f*** did that come from? Which one of you” the singer interrogated, scanning the crowd as fans could be heard encouraging Siwa to “fight” and “beat them up”.

When she wasn’t able to find the source of the booing, Siwa instead offered her middle fingers to the crowd and aimed some choice words at the unimpressed attendee: “Respectfully, f*** you.”

Her backup dancers joined in, flipping off the crowd before Siwa changed her tone upon finding a bouquet of roses tossed on stage, calling the gesture “sweet”.

She then pulled a single rose out from the bunch and stuck it in her hot shorts, before running excitedly across the stage and announcing: “F*** the booers, somebody just chucked a bra at me!”

At another point in the performance, Siwa declared that “no one knew how to deal with the a*****es in the world” better than she did at the age of 12.

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