JoJo Siwa’s “not made for children” era sparks backlash as her image changes

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JoJo Siwa warned longstanding fans about a “not made for children” era – and many are torn over the decision.

JoJo Siwa literally grew up in the spotlight. Since her days on Dance Moms, she’s been praised for her family-friendly image. However, all that is about to change. Not only did she recently reveal plans to start a family, but she’s about to embark on an entirely new era.

The performer took to Instagram to reveal a brand new era geared toward adult content that may also include “violence, strong language, traumatic scenarios, and flashing lights.”

In one video, a male voice read a disclaimer: “Warning. The following content is not made for children and may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers.”

jojo-siwa-lp-today-main-210904JoJo Siwa performs onstage during a drive-in screening and performance for the Paramount+ original movie “The J Team” at the Rose Bowl on September 3, 2021.

JoJo Siwa fans are torn over her new era

In a follow-up reel, JoJo Siwa sparked a debate over changing up her look and discarding her previous image. Her fans were divided over the upcoming era, with many hoping she didn’t go the way of many Disney stars.

“Please don’t go down the Miley Cyrus path just to prove you’re ‘grown up,'” wrote one user.

“I can hate on new JoJo just the same it’s all good,” said another.

“Speak up loud and clear don’t sell your soul to the devil,” worried a fan.

But many others rallied behind the performer and slammed those for posting hate.

“God forbid someone grows up and does adult things. She can’t be a kid forever let alone act like one,” said a fan.

“She grownnnnnnn. What did y’all expect? She’s never gonna get any younger. It’s time to let that part of her go,” chimed in another.

“She’s not a cartoon. She’s human, not a child anymore. Deal with it,” wrote a third.

Across her Instagram, JoJo Siwa left teasers about what’s to come. In addition to content warnings, she posted behind-the-scenes clips of her dancing and many seem to think she could be releasing an album. Previously, the performer recorded the soundtrack for The J Team on Nickelodeon, among other side projects.

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