Joe Rogan & Whitney Cummings face backlash from H3H3 fans after Hila Klein comment

Brent Koepp
Joe Rogan and Whitney Cummings next to H3H3's Hila Klein

Comedians Joe Rogan & Whitney Cummings have come under fire from H3H3 fans after the UFC commentator made a joke about YouTuber Hila Klein during the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

During the May 18 episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Whitney Cummings and Rogan were engaged in a discussion about whether audience members still need face coverings while attending comedy shows.

Fans of YouTube duo H3H3 Productions became enraged when the Spotify host was critical of Hila Klein. The UFC host singled out the H3 podcast and Teddy Fresh creator for still wearing a mask during an outdoor gig.

Joe Rogan during Joe Rogan Experience podcast
The Spotify podcast host made comments about H3H3’s Hila Klein during his show.

Joe Rogan & Whitney Cummings under fire for H3H3 comments

The discussion popped up during the JRE episode when Joe Rogan and Whitney Cummings reacted to a clip of a live comedy show being performed outdoors. The Spotify host immediately pointed out that one person in the crowd was still wearing a mask. “Who’s wearing the mask?” the Spotify host asked his guest. “That is Hila Klein,” the 2 Broke Girls creator explained.

Rogan then praised Hollywood actress Oliva Munn for not wearing a face-covering. “Oliva’s not, she is gangster. Look at her, she is in the front row,” he said, before launching into a rant about masks. “Look at this, people are outside with their mask on, and everyone is tested. That is what is so dumb.”

The UFC commentator continued to argue why face coverings were unnecessary: “Even the CDC says you can take your mask off when you are outside. There is no evidence whatsoever. There is no evidence that there is transmission outside. And if you are vaccinated you can take your mask off, inside or outside.”

Cummings joined in and exclaimed, “And half of these people are the people that are like “I have a therapist and I’m all about mental health.” You know the worst thing for your mental health is finding more reasons to stay inside.”

After the clip surfaced on the H3H3 subreddit, fans of the YouTube duo immediately became furious. Popular pop culture journalist Def Noodles covered the backlash that spilled out on social media. While fans were angry with Rogan’s take, many H3 fans were enraged with Whitney Cummings  – who has been a repeat guest and friend of the H3 podcast – for not defending Hila Klein.

“Why didn’t you defend Hila?” one user wrote. Another said, “Really sad to see you turn into such a mean girl towards other women.” One comment even read, “Y’all laughed and giggled because Hila was wearing a mask….you’re f**king weird and a co-signer.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time H3H3 and Rogan have crossed paths. Hila and Ethan Klein were critical of the Spotify comedian in April after the UFC commentator made fun of Frenemies co-host Trisha Paytas’ looks during the JRE podcast.

“All I can talk about is what I’ve seen in the last few years [of Joe Rogan’s show], and I just don’t like it at all,” the Teddy Fresh creator said.

While it appears that Rogan didn’t know who Hila Klein was, the podcast host has enraged the YouTuber duo’s fan base by singling her out for wearing a mask. Many were quick to point out that she has a child and shouldn’t be mocked for doing what makes her feel comfortable or safe.

At the time of writing, Whitney Cummings also hasn’t made a response to the controversy. Much of the backlash seems to be aimed at the popular comedian, particularly because she has been a repeat guest on the H3 podcast over the last few years.