Amouranth responds to Joe Rogan discussing OnlyFans earnings & wants JRE invite

Connor Bennett
Joe Rogan and Amouranth side-by-side talking to camera

Streaming star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa responded to Joe Rogan after he brought up her reported OnlyFans earnings on one of his recent podcast episodes – and she wants to appear on one.

When Joe Rogan first started the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, it was more about his comedy routine than anything else. He and his pals would share road stories and test out new material while recording episodes.

First forward a little bit and Rogan’s podcast has covered pretty much every corner of the internet since. He’s dove deep into topics like esports, regularly praised Jake Paul and influencer boxing, and even clashed with streamers over playing video games for hours on end. 

So, it was never going to be long before Amouranth got a shout-out – especially after the recent news that she’d made $57 million from OnlyFans over the last few years. 

Amouranth wants Joe Rogan invite after he mentioned her on JRE podcast

That’s right, after it was revealed that the Twitch IRL star had made such an eye-watering figure from her content, it came up during Rogan’s January 12 episode of the JRE with Jim Norton. 

The pair were pretty stunned by the numbers before the UFC commentator joked about Amouranth getting a “real job. He then further called her numbers “insane” and was blown away by the fact she’s gotten $27 million alone from subscribers sending messages. 

Naturally, she used that clip as a way to try and get an invite to appear on the podcast, responding to Rogan’s comments. “Mention me by name next time, @JoeRogan I don’t bite!” Amouranth tweeted. “I would love to come on!”

Getting an invite to appear on Rogan remains a difficult task, but it isn’t as impossible as it once was, so an Amouranth appearance shouldn’t be ruled out anytime soon. 

The Twitch star has ultimately an interesting story and would create a fresh conversation for the JRE, so, who knows what’ll happen.