Logan Paul tells Trevor Noah how he has the advantage vs Floyd Mayweather

YouTube/Logan Paul

YouTube sensation turned boxer Logan Paul is set for the fight of his life on June 6 when he faces off against the best the world has ever seen in Floyd Mayweather. However, in a recent interview with Trevor Noah, Paul explained how he stands a chance to emerge victorious.

Unlike his brother Jake, Logan Paul’s boxing record isn’t as clean. While Jake currently has three wins and no defeats, Logan has suffered two losses at the hands of KSI. Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather is the polar opposite, with a professional record of 50-0.

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Despite the odds stacked against him, Logan isn’t afraid and even believes that he has a legitimate shot at winning.

In a May 19 interview with Daily Show host Trevor Noah, the YouTuber was asked why he wants to fight Mayweather to begin with and how he could shock the world by claiming victory.

Logan Paul vs Floyd MayweatherInstagram/floydmayweather
Logan Paul is in for the fight of his life against Floyd Mayweather.

“My kids’ kids will talk about this,” he explained. “Generations to come will talk about this moment in history. When I accepted this fight, I understood the magnitude of what a special event this was.”

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According to Logan, it would have been foolish for him to turn down a chance to fight Mayweather, who he admits is the greatest of his generation.

“My whole life has been overcoming challenges and exceeding expectations, surprising people, doing what could not be done. This doesn’t feel any different to me. I’ve never been intimidated by Floyd, let alone anyone.”

As for the chances he actually wins, Logan believes he has the upper hand in a few areas. “I think I stand a chance. You’d be lying if you said it wasn’t possible!”

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“He’s human. It’s a fight. Anything can happen. I’m thirty pounds heavier, half his age, a foot taller. Like, I’ve worked my ass off!” he exclaimed as Noah looked on, smiling. “Anything can happen!”

Whether or not Logan can defy the odds and actually pull a win out of his hat remains to be seen, but it’s clear that all eyes are going to be on the YouTuber when he fights the GOAT later in June.

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