Joe Rogan says ‘we all want’ to see Johnny Depp date his attorney

. 12 days ago
Joe Rogan & Johnny Depp's attorney Camille Vasquez
Spotify/Joe Rogan, Law & Crime Network

Podcast host Joe Rogan recently expressed his approval for Hollywood star Johnny Depp possibly dating his attorney, Camille Vasquez.

There were many influencers who were keenly interested in the defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. Joe Rogan was among the most intrigued.

Throughout the trial, Rogan and his guests weighed in on the most recent developments of the case, often giving their opinions on witnesses, the two parties, and their legal teams.

While most of the discussion around Depp and Heard had to do with the trial itself, plenty of observers were curious about how Depp and his attorney, Camille Vasquez, were interacting in and out of the courtroom.

Rogan thinks Depp & Vasquez should date

Joe Rogan talking into mic during JRE podcast
Spotify/Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan talking into mic during JRE podcast

Camille Vasquez became something of a minor celebrity as a result of her involvement in the trial as Depp’s lawyer. After successfully convincing a Virginia jury to award damages in Depp’s defamation claim against Heard, Vasquez has gone on to do several morning and talk shows, drawing attention from pundits and celebrities alike.

As reported by the NY Post, on his most recent podcast with comedians Ari Shaffir, Shane Gillis, and Mark Normand, Rogan commented that “we all want her to fall in love with Johnny secretly, right?”

The other comedians agreed with Rogan’s sentiment, with Normand remarking “I think they’ve got a thing.”

This isn’t the first time that Rogan has implied a relationship between the two. Weeks ago, after a day of questioning ended, Rogan said “I think she loves him… I think she hates Amber because Amber hurt him.”

Much of the speculation about a romance between Depp and Vasquez began when the two embraced following the court ruling in Depp’s favor. While likely innocuous, some observers implied that there could a hidden relationship between Heard’s ex-husband and his attorney.

However, Vasquez has reportedly been dating WeWork executive Edward Owen since last November, according to reports.

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