Joe Rogan dethroned as Spotify number 1 podcast by fellow comedian

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Joe Rogan has been knocked off the top spot on Spotify’s podcast charts, well, at least in one country that is. 

When Joe Rogan first announced that Spotify had bought the rights to the Joe Rogan Experience and were making it exclusive to their platform, many longtime fans were skeptical about what it would mean for the podcast. 

Rogan has gone through a few controversies since being exclusive to Spotify, with a number of episodes from his back catalog not being uploaded, and a host of new ones being hit with disclaimers for some of the claims made on there.

Despite that, he’s managed to maintain himself as the number one podcast on the platform – bringing in millions of listeners and new subscribers. Though, there are times when he’s knocked off top spot. 

Joe Rogan beaten to Spotify UK top spot by James Acaster

That has happened again, at least in the United Kingdom, as a fellow comedian has toppled Rogan.

British comedian James Acaster’s new true crime-comedy podcast, Springleaf, has jumped to the top spot in the UK charts. There have only been two episodes, and it’s not a Spotify exclusive like some of the previous challengers to Rogan’s throne, but the second episode has managed to take the top spot.

That comes in the wake of Rogan dominating things after big episodes of the JRE featuring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and comedian Ralph Barbosa. 

Spotify podcast chart screenshot of UK charts with Joe Rogan behind Springleaf
Rogan has lost top spot to James Acaster’s new Springleaf show.

As noted, Rogan has only been shifted off top spot in the UK charts and maintains his top billing in the US. Though, he has got New Heights from Jason and Travis Kelce hot on his tail there. 

He’ll likely regain the top spot in the UK when another big episode is released. Plus, Spotify Wrapped 2023 is just around the corner and he’s probably going to dominate that for the most part as well.

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