Joe Rogan reveals one change he wants on Spotify to be more like YouTube

Connor Bennett

Joe Rogan revealed that he’s been fighting to try and get a comments section on Spotify as he tries to bring over some of the key features he had on YouTube after revealing that changes are coming to his new platform. 

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast has been on the air since 2009, with well over 1600 episodes in the bank.

Though it’s been going for over the decade, the podcast has seen unrivaled success in recent years, thanks to interesting moments going viral on YouTube and social media.

Now the podcast has moved over to Spotify, with Rogan benefiting in a huge way, but he still yearns for some of the things that made having a podcast on YouTube so great. And that includes the always controversial comments section. 

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Rogan’s switch to Spotify has brought complaints from fans who miss how things used to be.

In the past, the UFC commentator has used the comments section on his show, but Spotify doesn’t have that, so the feedback isn’t as instant. So, he’s hoping for change, telling comedian Tim Dillion that he wants a few tweaks. 

“The other thing about podcasts, and this is a thing I’ve been talking to Spotify about, as much as people hate the YouTube comment section, I think it’s important,” he said on episode 1610, after comparing podcasts to radio shows. 

“It’s one of the reasons I still have clips on YouTube, it was one of the things I wanted period – you have to have clips, we have to have clips up.” Rogan noted that changes are coming, but comments are important. “You’ve got to have comments because it gives people a sense that they can talk about it.”

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As Rogan has noted before, on episode 1607, the viral clips help draw attention to a podcast – just like how Elon Musk smoking a joint on their first podcast together spread across the internet like wildfire and became an instant meme. 

He’s gotten a video component to his podcast on Spotify, even though fans have called for changes, so it remains to be seen if he’ll get his wish when it comes to implementing a comments section.

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