Who has the most posts on TikTok?

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With endless amounts of songs, dances, and trends to participate in on TikTok, the potential for new content is endless, and some creators definitely like to post a lot for their followers. But who has the most posts on TikTok?

If there’s one app that people are turning to right now for their viral content fix, it’s TikTok. As the userbase grows, and new communities spring from the huge range of people making content on the platform, TikTok is taking over as one of the biggest influences in social media.

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The power of TikTok fame is also tempting for many new users starting out on the app, as people like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae have launched successful careers thanks to their millions of followers and huge influence.

However, the accounts with the most posts are not generally huge creators but instead are smaller creators who tend to post a lot as a way to maximize their engagement and visibility.

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TikTok is a hotspot for viral trends and videos.

This can mean that some of these accounts post quite random or sporadic content, but there are others that stick to a consistent theme and just upload on a very frequent basis.

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Regardless, the sheer number of posts some of the accounts have is extraordinary, and it must have taken a huge amount of time to build up that much content.

But who exactly has the most content on TikTok? Using data from SocialTracker, this list reveals who’s at the top of their posting game.

Users with the most posts on TikTok:

5 — Litten X Isabelle: 23,600

While having a smaller follower count of  14,000, this account, also known as The Charlie Plush Official, posts just as frequently as other entries on the list. Their content is a lot more sporadic, but often features items like toys and cartoon characters.

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4 — CuteDogsOnly: 23,900

Just as the name suggests, CuteDogsOnly posts frequent videos of adorable dogs from across the internet, whether that’s in the form of memes or videos. While the account actually has over two million followers, the videos themselves don’t tend to get that many views. Regardless, CuteDogsOnly is catching up to other accounts in terms of their amount of posts fast.

3 — harrietfreestyle: 33,800

Harriet has a verified account with over 5.5 million followers. Her content centers around soccer and sports, using her many videos to show some of her best trick shots.

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2 — GodZion: 37,400

With over 60,000 followers, GodZion has become known for being the account with the most posts on the app. While a lot of his content is gaming-focused, he’s recently started using TikTok’s new Q&A feature to start answering questions from people who are curious about his content.

1 — user8413989493282: 994,200

Little is known about this account, as is clear from the automatically-generated username, but they firmly take the lead of the most posts on TikTok with an astonishing 994,200 posts. Like many of these accounts, their content is fairly random, advertising various different products.

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Their comment section is filled with TikTok users marveling at the crazy amount of posts on their page.

This list contains a very different set of creators to the list of the most followed creators, but along with being known just for having so many posts, some of these accounts are starting to get recognized for their content.

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