Joe Rogan’s Spotify dominance finally revealed & it dwarfs every other podcast

Connor Bennett

Joe Rogan’s dominance over the Spotify charts has finally, properly, been revealed as the streaming platform now shows follower numbers for podcasts.

When Joe Rogan first made the switch to being a Spotify-exclusive podcast back in 2020, there were plenty of reports that the JRE Podcast brought millions of new subscribers to the streaming platform. 

Some reports claimed as many as 14 million new accounts were made during his initial exclusivity, and that tallied a bit given that Rogan would constantly dominate the podcast charts with each new episode. 

The JRE host has since dropped his exclusivity with Spotify as the podcast has returned to all its previous platforms – including YouTube. However, he has penned a new “multi-year” deal with Spotify to keep his show on there as well. 

And, well, it’s easy to see why Spotify wants to keep Rogan around now that they’re finally showing follower counts for podcasts. 

As per a new Bloomberg report, Rogan has amassed over 14.5 million followers on Spotify. That is almost three times as many as the next popular podcast – TED Talks Daily – which has 5 million. 

Rogan’s dominance on Spotify’s worldwide charts has constantly been challenged in the UK, especially by Steven Bartlett’s show A Diary of a CEO. However, that only has 1.6 million followers. 

Screenshot of Spotify episode of Joe Rogan podcast with follower count
Rogan currently has almost three times as many followers on Spotify as any other podcast.

As per Bloomberg, these numbers can be found on the Spotify mobile app, and clicking a small square on the podcast’s main page will show a preview of the most recent episode. The follower number then appears on the right-hand side, much like TikTok. 

This feature doesn’t work for every podcast, nor does it appear on Spotify’s desktop app.