Joe Rogan can’t believe Logan Paul still hasn’t been paid for Floyd Mayweather fight

Connor Bennett
Joe Rogan side-by-side with Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul in pre-fight head-to-head

Joe Rogan was left a bit stunned when he noted that Logan Paul has yet to be paid in full for his fight with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, even though it happened almost a year ago.

When Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather revealed that they’d be fighting, plenty of pundits, fans, and fighters gave the YouTuber absolutely no chance against the boxing icon.

Their exhibition bout, which happened back in June of 2021, ultimately ended up as a draw, with the fight going the scheduled eight rounds despite some heavy shots. Despite the fight happening such a long time ago, Logan is still waiting to be paid in full for his part.

The YouTuber, who revealed that he’s gotten some of the money but not all of it, is locked in a lawsuit to try and get paid. He’s even urged Floyd to pay him with the money he’s making from his upcoming fight with Don Moore.

Logan Paul KO rumors Floyd Mayweather
Mayweather had a huge bout with Logan Paul in 2021.

It was a topic Joe Rogan and BJ Penn flagged on episode 123 of the JRE MMA podcast, as the pair praised the UFC for making sure that fighters are paid on time.

Rogan noted that he’d been speaking to MMA coaches who had fighters in their ranks that had been considering a switch to boxing, but urged them not to do it because of how difficult it is to get paid. “Like, right now, Logan Paul still hasn’t gotten paid for fighting Floyd Mayweather,” Rogan said, pretty exasperated.

“Mike Tyson had some real serious issue about his money, Roy Jones Jr had some serious issue about his money. There’s problems with boxing and money, with the wrong promoters. You get with the right promoters, everything is smooth… you never hear about Canelo not getting paid.”

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As Logan has noted himself, he’s unsure who still owes him the money from the fight, but he’s not backed down from airing the dirty laundry about it all.

It remains to be seen if, or when, he’ll get paid for his efforts, but he’s got plenty of people on his side hoping that he finally gets the bag.

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