Joe Rogan reveals another surprising side-effect of his carnivore diet

Joe Rogan's carnivore diet.joerogan (Instagram)

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has revealed another side-effect of his month-long carnivore stint, while chatting on the JRE MMA Show with former UFC Light Heavyweight champ, Rashad Evans.

Rogan has dabbled with the carnivore diet since the start of 2020. By essentially stripping food consumption back to ‘animal foods’ such as meat, fish and eggs, there are numerous supposed health benefits that come as a by-product.

Having documented the effects of his stint with carnivore eating, the 52-year-old appeared to be in great shape after just a month-long spell of the restrictive diet.

Joe Rogan's physique after carnivore diet.joerogan (Instagram)
Rogan provided his Instagram following with a physique update after dabbling in the carnivore diet.

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Alongside the effects on his appearance, Rogan shared that effect on his day-to-day life: “I lost 12 pounds, gained a ton of energy… My energy levels were completely flat the whole month, no ups and downs from crashing after eating.”

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However, alongside all of the positive (and unfortunate) effects of the carnivore eating, Rogan has also admitted that it affected him mentally, in that it made him more aggressive.

“This all-meat diet that I’ve been on, that changes your mind the other way – it makes you more aggressive,” Rogan admitted to Rashad, after the former UFC champ expressed how a vegan diet has changed him both physically and mentally.

The American then went on to explain that he had “to workout extra to keep the demons at bay” — which is logical, considering that one of the side effects of the carnivore diet is that it is said to increase baseline testosterone levels significantly.

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Discussion starts at 5:30. 

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Rogan then went on to explain how the carnivore diet slowly etches its way into your lifestyle habits.

“Your body is going to take on the characteristics of something that’s a predator,” Rogan continued. “Your body is going to think I’m more aggressive – I have to chase sh*t down and kill it!”

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While the meat-only regime appeared to provide Joe with a mixed bag of results, he also revealed that the diet helped by reducing the inflammation experienced by your body as it processes certain foods.

While the podcast host only took on the short-term stint in celebration of ‘World Carnivore Month,’ the numerous benefits may draw him back to the approach at a later date.

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