Jeffree Star denies accusations that he only does YouTube to sell products

Georgina Smith
Jeffree Star filming a YouTube video
YouTube: Jeffree Star

YouTuber Jeffree Star has released a new video in which he addresses claims that he only makes a video when he has something to sell, as well as announcing some changes to his staff.

Jeffree Star is one of the biggest beauty YouTubers on the scene and has proven to be one of the makeup mogul’s most successful endeavors to date. Many of his followers found him via YouTube, and have helped him to grow his company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, by a huge amount.

However, the YouTuber is never far from drama, and he’s been under fire several times in the past for matters relating to new makeup launches. This includes criticism over defective palettes and “gross” product names.

On February 20, Jeffree announced the new ‘Cavity Palette’ as part of the Blood Sugar Anniversary collection, though it seems not everyone was happy with the product, many calling it “anti-climactic.” One person even said “now we know why his last elf makeup review was so half-assed and rushed. He was just getting ready for another promo vid for his new makeup.”

Jeffree Star addresses Kanye West affair rumors
YouTube: Jeffree Star
Jeffree is a huge name in the YouTube beauty community, as well as the makeup industry.

In his new video, titled ‘Saying Goodbye,’ Jeffree addressed some of the claims that he only makes videos when he has a product to sell and explained why some of his most recent videos seem of poorer quality than usual.

He told viewers that his videographer Christian and personal assistant Maddie had both left the team, though made sure to clarify that there was no drama involved, and they were just moving on to other things in their careers.

Jeffree went on to say: “for some reason a lot of people think that I only want to do YouTube videos because I have a product coming out,” and explained that, “it’s gonna be really hard to fill these people’s shoes. They’ve been in my life for years.”

Topic starts at 8:20

With regards to complaints about his videos being lower quality than usual, he said that because he can’t hire someone new immediately and that “the last two videos you guys saw was just a friend’s friend filming for me.”

He explained: “a lot of people were reading it to the ground. And I know things were different, and when things change, people freak out. And I get it, it was not the same quality.”

While the video title initially had some fans worried, it looks like Jeffree is still planning on making plenty of YouTube content in the future.