Why is Salt Bae trending again? Hilarious video of chef goes viral

Salt Bae Goes Viral AgainInstagram: @nusr_et

Salt Bae, the infamous chef who became a meme, is trending again on Twitter after a hilarious video of him feeding a woman meat next to who appears to be her partner went viral.

Nusret Gökçe is a Turkish chef who owns a chain of luxury steak houses. However, most people know him as Salt Bae after a video of him extravagantly sprinkling salt on a steak went viral and became a meme.

Since then, he’s amassed a large following on social media and gained worldwide fame. His steak houses have become a hot spot for celebrities, from Liverpool defender Virgil Dan Dijk to UFC superstar Connor McGregor.

Salt Bae Goes Viral AgainInstagram: @nusr_et
Connor McGregor is one of many big names to enjoy the Salt Bae restaurant experience.

Four years have passed since the original video. However, he’s started trending again on Twitter after a video of him feeding a woman meat next to her apparent partner, who looks unimpressed, has gone viral.

Salt Bae garnishes the meat with salt using his trademark technique. Then, he stabs a piece with his knife, smears it on some more salt, dangles it in front of the woman, and lowers it into her mouth.

However, the man sitting next to the woman, who seems to be her partner, looked less than impressed. He watched the whole situation play out with an unenthusiastic gaze. People have been screenshotting his reaction with hilarious captions and comparisons to similar expressions.

The consensus is that perhaps he felt threatened by Salt Bae’s exotic charm and was being over-protective of his partner. But one user pointed out that maybe he was starving and envious she got the first bite.

Either way, it seems like Salt Bae is back in the spotlight for a while, and he’ll almost certainly lap it up.