Jeffree Star responds to backlash over new palette defects

Georgina Smith
Jeffree Star alongside his faulty paletteInstagram: Jeffree Star / Twitter: akaelundy

Makeup industry giant Jeffree Star has responded to backlash over the defects in his new eyeshadow palette, claiming that it was an issue originating in the lab and only affected a small batch.

Jeffree’s new palette was borne into controversy. Immediately upon its announcement, people criticized its outlandish name that many considered inappropriate given Jeffree’s fan base of varying ages, including very young teens.

While it received some initial backlash, the palette still had people flocking to his wesbite to purchase the oddly named product, with many fans excited to try Jeffree’s well known high-quality formula.

Jeffree Star New PaletteYouTube: Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star announces controversial new palette name.

Many turned out to be disappointed, however, as reports started emerging of defects within certain shades, in both the regular size and the mini version of the palette. Customers reported “little pellets” in shades Glass Wet and Foam Party, with a crumbly texture very unlike the smooth formula usually found in a Jeffree Star cosmetics product.

Others uploaded pictures showing that the shade pans were loose and falling out, with that issue alongside the formula issues proving the palette to be “unusable.”

Jeffree himself responded on September 5 via an Instagram story. “I do need to go and be a boss right now, and go scream at my makeup lab. We have a production issue with the mini o*gy palette.”

“When you upscale a project and make 100,000, 200,000, 300,000 units, there sometimes can be issues. And sadly the lab can f**k up. We did have a small batch issue with one of them.”

“But you know me y’all, if anyone ever has an issue with my products I have an amazing customer service team that will handle anyone’s issues.”

He said that he “has to go and make a few phone calls” to his team, but is reassuring of the fact that those issues should be resolved soon.

It’s currently unclear exactly what caused the “small batch issue,” whether that be an issue with the machinery or with quality control. But regardless, it’s clear that fans had higher expectations of Jeffree Star Cosmetics than this.