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Jeffree Star’s ex-boyfriend targeted with fake Instagram account

Published: 8/Apr/2020 21:35

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star announced his split with ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in early 2020, but some fans aren’t happy with the fallout and have taken matters into their own hands.

After a brief period of speculation, Star cleared up rumors that he and Schwandt had parted ways, admitting that they’d broken up in a mutual split and still had love for each other.

However, this sentiment seems to have changed, with Star later revealing “dark” drama going on behind the scenes of their breakup that he claimed he was afraid to speak out on due to potential legal ramifications.


Jeffree Star, Instagram
YouTuber Jeffree Star revealed “dark” drama behind his recent split with ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt after initially opening up about their split earlier this year.

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With this new information in mind, fans have been shading Schwandt across social media – but one critic has taken their vitriol to the next level.

In early April, fans took notice of an Instagram account that appeared to be a secondary profile for Schwandt, which boasted the same profile picture and bio as his original account.

theschwandt, Instagram
Fans have taken notice of an Instagram account apparently posing as Nathan Schwandt.

The new account posted several photos of the former internet star via their stories, seeming to impersonate Schwandt in apparent retaliation for the alleged drama behind his parting with Star.

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That’s not all. The phony profile even leaked a few sensitive pictures of Nathan, with one post boasting the caption: “Let me know if I should get my adult career film going.”


They also posted a few older photos of Star to their stories, captioned, “Missing him,” further fanning the flames of speculation that Schwandt may have started a burner account to burn off some steam.

theschwandt, Instagram / Clevver News
The fake account posing as Schwandt even included photos of Jeffree Star, making an attempt at fooling others into thinking he isn’t over the breakup.

Despite this possibility, the account has since been revealed to be a fake, and some have taken the real Schwandt’s ensuing photo flipping off the camera as a potential reaction to the skeezy impersonator.

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Yet, both he and Star have yet to officially react to the false profile, which has yet to post any photos to its feed at the time of writing.


Star and Nate’s breakup aside, this latest development goes to show that it’s never okay to impersonate someone online nor leak sensitive photos of that person, no matter what the case may be — especially in regards to a split that Star is has expressed he’s keen on keeping private.