Jeffree Star stunned after receiving rather bizarre Instagram message

Meg Bethany Koepp

Makeup mogul Jeffree Star is well-known for being transparent with fans when it comes to his products and his life, and now he’s shared a rather bizarre Instagram message that had followers in stitches.

We can all relate to being sent a weird message at least once in our lives, whether it be an email from a stranger, a Skype note from a friend or acquaintance, or a text message from a family member. 

With the rise of social media, though, you have to wonder what influencers and celebrities’ inboxes look like, especially in today’s day and age where sending a DM can be done with just one simple click.

Jeffree Star poses with Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette
The YouTube star owns a highly successful cosmetics company.

Jeffree Star’s bizarre Instagram DM

On January 25, the 34-year-old uploaded a screenshot to Twitter from a “new fan” of his who shared a rather ‘too much information’ story with the YouTuber.

“You gained a new fan today my friend,” the message read. “The wife gave me a good [inappropriate act] today but I have to buy her the supreme box for $140. Where can I buy [it]?”

In response, Star tweeted the image with the caption “Good to know…” with three laughing emojis, clearly shocked yet amused by what he’d been sent.

The “supreme box” the sender was talking about was in reference to a product from the American’s makeup line Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which sells three tiers “mystery boxes” filled with surprise items for holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

For Valentine’s Day on February 14, the company is selling the third tier “supreme” box for $145, and it seems as though the messenger’s wife was looking to cop one this season, and traded favors with her husband in order to get one.

The sets usually disappear quickly due to being one of the YouTube star’s best-selling product lines as the contents inside are usually worth a lot more than the price paid for the boxes.

The whole situation just goes to show that nobody is immune to receiving strange messages – not even multi-millionaire makeup mogul Jeffree Star.

Though, the brief glimpse fans saw of his Instagram inbox is probably just the tip of a rather large iceberg – at least he could see the funny side of it.