Jeff Wittek sends brutal callout to his friend David Dobrik for boxing match

Luke Edwards
Vlog Squad legends Jeff Wittek and David Dobrik

Former Vlog Squad star Jeff Wittek has called out David Dobrik after accepting a challenge to a boxing bout, amid drama over Dobrik endangering his life using a crane.

The Jeff Wittek-David Dobrik controversy has rattled fans over the course of 2021. It all began when Wittek appeared on the Frenemies podcast and revealed he almost lost an eye – and potentially his life – after being swung around on a crane controlled by Dobrik.

While the drama simmered for a short while, on June 20 Dobrik jokingly challenged Wittek to a fight to resolve their differences. “I’ll see you in the ring,” Dobrik laughed when asked who he’d like to take on in a Youtubers vs TikTokers-style event.

And in his June 21 vlog, Wittek issued a blunt response: “100k likes and I’ll smash David’s skull. Sign the contract, Dave.” With the video now on well over 130k likes, the possibility of a fight has never looked so realistic.

Jeff Wittek InstagramDavid Dobrik and Jeff Wittek were close friends before the ‘crane incident’.

Wittek answered further questions about the potential fight several days later, and went into rather gruesome detail about the tactics he’d use to get one over his old friend.

“I’m gonna kick that motherf***er’s head, I’m gonna smash his head in,” Wittek explained. “And David, if you’re watching this, you’re dead when I get my hands on you, I’m gonna smash your skull.

“I’ll give you the crane in the ring, you can walk out on it and I’ll be smoking a cigarette and I’ll still bust you up. You’ll have to cut a hole in your boxing glove to poke my good eye.”

While the war of words seems to have a tongue-in-cheek element to it, there’s no doubt a bout between the pair would draw plenty of eager eyes, especially with added animosity towards Dobrik over the sexual assault allegations towards former Vlog Squad member Dominykas ‘Durte Dom’ Zeglaitis.

Regardless, if Wittek and Dobrik do get their gloves on, you can expect a no-holds-barred state of affairs, and it would promise to be one of the spiciest content creator battles yet.