JakeNBake snaps at viewers spreading “wannabe facts” about coronavirus

Michael Gwilliam

IRL Twitch streamer ‘JakeNBake’ was trying to enjoy his last day in Tokyo before flying to LA, but snapped after his chat continued to lecture him about wearing a mask in public.

While walking around the streets of Tokyo and meeting with some friends, Jake’s chat was constantly flooded by comments such as “the masks are meant to protect others from you” and “those masks literally only prevent the spread from infected to others not you from them.”

As Jake was trying to socialize, he ended up focusing in on some members of his chat instead of ignoring them.

“You’re a f**king idiot, dude!” he screamed. “Doctors wear masks to protect themselves from patients that are sick. What are you talking about? Your logic is that all doctors are already infected with something and they won’t get other people sick.”

According to the streamer, the only reason his chat was saying masks won’t help against coronavirus is because the Surgeon General of the United States said not to buy them to save masks for the professionals.

“Of course they f**king help!” Jake claimed.

While it’s true that the Surgeon General told people to stop buying masks, he also said that they were “NOT effective in preventing the general public from catching coronavirus.”

“If healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!” Dr. Jerome Adams said back in February. Additionally, the WHO has advised people not to wear masks as there is no evidence they protect people who are not sick. They recommend people should only wear one if they are sick themselves or taking care of someone suspected of being ill.

Nonetheless, JakeNBake walked away from his group before absolutely letting loose on his chat in a series of vulgarities.

“You uninformed dumbass motherf**kers!” he began. “Listen to me! I’ve been in the f**king heat of the moment for this sh*t for three f**king months. I’ve done my f**king research; I understand this, dude. I understand the risk I’m taking and I’m trying to balance this sh*t out and enjoy my last day in Japan.”

He added: “You’re coming here and talking about bullsh*t about the stupid ass virus we all hate. Get the f**k out of my channel, dude. Stop coming here spreading your dumbass wannabe facts that you read on a Twitter article on The Guardian dot net. I don’t give a sh*t!” he raged.

Jake then proceeded to tell those viewers they don’t know what they’re talking about. “I get this isn’t going to save me!” he said, pointing to his mask. “I’m trying my best, dude. I’m trying my best to balance out life, enjoy the stream and have fun.”

That all said, it’s likely that the stress of leaving Japan pushed the streamer over the edge. Taking to Twitter the day after, Jake wrote that he didn’t believe leaving would hit him so hard and that he loves his Tokyo friends.

Hopefully, the situation will get under control soon and things will return to normal for everyone affected by the virus.

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