Jake Paul’s childhood neighbor exposes his ‘lies’ about growing up poor & getting bullied

Charlotte Colombo
YouTube: Sir Yatch

Following Jake Paul’s one-round victory over Ben Askren in their recent boxing bout, a childhood neighbour, a YouTuber named Sir Yatch, has once again come out to refute Paul’s post-fight claims that he “came from nothing.”

Paul was visibly emotional after being declared the winner of the highly-anticipated Triller Fight Club boxing event on April 17, especially when he talked about his upbringing in a post-fight interview with Snoop Dawg.

“Just a couple of years ago my teachers were making fun of me, telling me I can’t do anything,” he said. “Telling me I wasn’t smart. My schoolmates making fun of me. I used to landscape and I just had a dream, and I chased it and I worked hard.”

These comments didn’t sit right with YouTuber and Paul’s former neighbor Sir Yatch (real name Joey Kinsley); the day after the boxing fight, he uploaded an explosive video claiming that a lot of the post-bout claims were actually false and exaggerated.

In the now-viral video titled ‘Jake Paul LIES about being bullied in high school,’ Kinsley claims to have grown up “ten minutes down the street” from the Paul family, who were raised in Westlake, Ohio.

Mocking Paul’s claims that landscaping meant that he “struggled”, Kinsley said, “Dude, you landscaped and had rich a** parents. That’s not the struggle. That’s just what every high schooler that was privileged did.”

Showing footage of the upper-middle-class houses from his hometown, Joey mocked Jake’s supposedly tough living conditions: “These are the type of houses he was landscaping in the mean streets of Westlake, Ohio.”

YouTube: Sir Yatch
In the video, Sir Yatch also shared footage of the affluent area he and Jake Paul grew up in.

Sharing some further insight into what Westlake was like growing up, Joey added: “All you have to worry about round here is how mean the chihuahuas are and how loud the moms are in their Range Rovers.”

He also took issue with Jake’s claims that he was bullied by teachers and other students, claiming that Jake “was the worst person ever at Westlake High School; he was the bully!”

He also refuted the comments about teachers making fun of the younger Paul brother, saying that “they probably just asked you to shut the f*** up in class and stop being a nuisance.”

Sir Yatch has called out Jake Paul before

This isn’t the first time that Kinsey has exposed Paul for saying he came from humble beginnings.

In a now-viral YouTube video from 2019, entitled “I WENT TO JAKE PAUL’S HOMETOWN TO PROVE HE’S A FRAUD”, Kinsey went back to Cleveland, Ohio to show that, contrary to Paul’s comments at the time that he and brother Logan “didn’t have s**t” growing up,” the two actually grew up in a pretty affluent area.

In this video, he also claimed that the Paul brothers actually lived a fairly affluent lifestyle, with their parents being successful real estate tycoons.


Jake has yet to respond to these claims made by Sir Yatch.