Jake Paul says he’s “only focused on Nate Diaz” as questions rise about KSI match

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Ahead of his widely-anticipated fight with Nate Diaz, Jake Paul has said that all his attention is on Nate rather than any future fights down the line.

The future of Jake’s boxing career has been widely speculated about, especially after his clashes with KSI. A fight between the two YouTubers has been proposed several times, though no official plans have been made yet.

When asked about his future plans at the press conference for his fight with Nate Diaz, Jake dismissed any speculation that he might fight KSI before the end of the year, instead choosing to devote all his attention to the more pressing issue of the clash with Nate.

Jake Paul says he’s “focused on Nate Diaz” rather than fights in the future

The conversation turned to KSI when Jake was asked for his prediction on KSI’s fight with Joe Fournier. His disinterested response was: “I don’t give a f**k, to be honest. I really don’t care. Like, it’s a big event in the UK, but I don’t think anyone here is really talking about it.”

However, he was pressed by the host on if he’d fight one of the UK boxers before the year was up: “If you get by Nate, and it all goes well, possible [fight] by the end of the year?”

Jake’s reply was short and curt: “I’m only focused on Nate right now.”

This is an extremely high-stakes fight for both contestants, and Jake has implied that he could leave the boxing scene if he loses this one. When asked if he was done with the sport if Nate Diaz were to be victorious, Jake replied: “In my mind, that’s how I’m treating it.”

For more news and updates on Jake Paul’s fight with Nate Diaz, check out Andrew Tate’s reaction to the event.

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