Jake Paul reveals custom $100k Conor McGregor chain ‘Sleepy McGregor’

Jake Paul with a chain and Conor McGregorInstagram: Jake Paul/WikiMedia: Andrius Petrucenia

Jake Paul has finally showcased his custom $100,000 chain of Conor McGregor being knocked out by Dustin Poirier as they continue to trade shots back and forth.

With YouTube boxing getting bigger and bigger, the Paul brothers – Logan and Jake – have their sights much higher than just settling online squabbles in the ring.

While Logan went the distance with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in an exhibition, Jake has managed to knock out both Nate Robinson and Ben Askren in quick fashion.

After his wins, Jake has repeatedly called out UFC star Conor McGregor, and it was pretty one-sided until the Irishman finally responded and was open to fighting either of the so-called “dingbats.”

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Jake Paul instagram photoInstagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul has called out numerous fighters following his wins.

Well, after calling out the former UFC Featherweight Champion again – saying he’s “losing it” and has become insecure – Jake revealed they’d commissioned a custom chain.

The YouTuber said he’d spent $100,000 getting the shot of McGregor laying on the canvas after being finished by Dustin Poirier, which has since become a meme onlne, made into a chain.

Now, after teasing it, he’s finally revealed the chain he’s calling “Sleepy McGregor,” which comes complete with a bottle of NyQuil. On top of showing it off, Jake also urged McGregor to defeat Poirer in their rematch and to “not choke.”

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Some fans were quick to show their support for the lavish purchase, taking shots at McGregor’s previous losses. Others, though, questioned why Jake would be going after the Irish star as they believed that the YouTuber wouldn’t last too long in the ring facing him.

Whether or not McGregor will respond to yet another jibe remains to be seen, but seeing as he’s responded before, the YouTuber is certainly on his radar.