Jake Paul reveals crazy future plan to quit YouTube & social media

Jake Paul on a Clubhouse callYouTube: Jake Paul Random

YouTuber Jake Paul has revealed his insane future plan to “go completely rogue,” quit all social media, and invest in himself in order to try and turn a start-up business into a billion-dollar company, sharing his goal with listeners on a Clubhouse call.

Jake Paul uploaded his first video to YouTube in 2014, and since then he has amassed over 20 million subscribers on his main channel alone.

In the past, he may have been best known for being part of YouTube content house Team Ten, but has now planted his feet firmly in the boxing world, having participated in several fights previously, and on April 17 is set to fight MMA fighter Ben Askren.

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Jake also has a notable interest in business and growing his brand, and he set up a call on invitation-only audio app Clubhouse to talk about that aspect of the social media world with some experts.

Jake Paul reveals next fight date April 10YouTube: Jake Paul
Jake Paul has embarked on several different career paths: social media, acting, and now boxing.

The YouTuber clearly has big plans for the future ahead, as he revealed a crazy plan for his career in business when he was asked by a speaker, “what’s next that you still want to do that you haven’t conquered.”

The star began by saying, “I sort of, in a couple of years, wanna delete all my social media, go completely rogue, and – it’s sort of crazy, I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this – but I wanna act like I’m starting from nothing again.”

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He went onto say that he wants to, “maybe invest $25,000 into myself, and see if I can create a multi-million dollar company or start-up. And like start from scratch, and sort of challenge myself to have a product, a consumer product, or some sort of tech software start-up, and see if I can turn it into a billion-dollar company.”

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But it seems that Jake knows just how wild the idea might sound, going on to say, “I know it sounds crazy, but I just think it would be super interesting to document the whole entire process to see if I fail, or to see if I succeed.”

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Whether the popular YouTuber would ever actually quit social media altogether is uncertain, but it’s safe to say that he’s got big plans for the future.