Jake Paul hints at reunion with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell in new video

Virginia Glaze
Jake Paul hints at Jerika reunion

YouTube star-turned-pro boxer Jake Paul has sent his fans into a tizzy after teasing a potential reunion with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell, years after their infamous split back in 2018.

While Jake Paul’s relationship status has been relatively low-key for the past year, it seems that the influencer may have teased at a serious reunion that has fans hoping for the return of “Jerika.”

Paul was once a popular item with fellow influencer, model and music artist Erika Costell, with the two even being featured in Shane Dawson’s highly-discussed documentary about Jake’s past controversies.

Despite their relationship appearing hunky-dory on the outside, the two parted ways shortly thereafter, with many fan theories pointing to Shane’s docuseries as a potential (yet still unconfirmed) reason for their breakup.

Years later, it seems that these two are back on (somewhat) good terms, thanks to a totally unexpected video that Paul posted to Twitter on February 28.

The eleven-second clip shows Paul and Costell sitting side-by-side in a car together. After a while, the two awkwardly exchange glances before looking away from each other — and that’s where things start to get interesting.

Costell jokingly shoves Jake’s arm away, causing him to flirtatiously grope her chest in response. This flirty exchange has viewers flocking to social media to share their hopes that this video could mean the return of one of YouTube’s most iconic couples.

Jake also uploaded the same video to Instagram with the caption, “I’m unblocked boys!!”

While the two were spotted getting lunch together shortly after Jake’s “engagement” to Tana Mongeau in 2019, it seemed as though the two were merely friends at the time; but Jake’s current video seems to hint at something a bit more than a “just friends” status.

Erika herself has been decidedly quiet on the subject of their split, merely stating that “that ship has already sailed” when asked if she might ever get back together with the Team 10 founder.

While Jake Paul has dated a few other influencers since breaking up with Costell, his love life has been out of the limelight in wake of his boxing success in 2020 — but this new “Jerika” tease has fans wondering if he might be focusing on a romantic relationship, once again.

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