Shane Dawson gives his brutally honest opinion on Jake Paul

YouTuber Shane Dawson told all in an interview with The Hollywood Fix regarding his documentary series on Jake Paul – who he feels isn’t ‘a great guy.’

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Dawson commented on the current state of Team 10, which is now undergoing a reorganization after the exit of several YouTubers – despite Paul’s apparent niceties.

“I don’t think he’s a great guy,” Dawson said in response to the Fix’s cameraman. “I think he’s better now… he’s young. At that point, he was a monster… I think now he’s realized that this isn’t the way to live.”

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In fact, Dawson placed Paul in the top three YouTubers he’s worked with thus far, claiming that he was ‘humble’ and ‘accommodating’ during his visit to the Team 10 house.

He also spoke on the 2017 incident between former Team 10 assistant Meg Zelly and FaZe Banks, whom Zelly claimed had assaulted her in a nightclub. While Dawson had heard Zelly’s voicemails from that night, he feels that she was never assaulted, and that the entire incident was blown out of proportion because she had been drunk.

“I don’t think FaZe purposefully hurt anybody,” Shane said, again calling Banks by the wrong name. “I don’t think Jake planned it. I think it was more, he jumped on it to ruin Banks’s career – which was bad.”

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Dawson also compared Jake Paul to Michael Jackson, finding similarities between Jackson’s famed Neverland Ranch and the legoland-esque art in the Team 10 house, alongside their reactions to their massive fame.

Dawson’s previous series over TanaCon won him a Streamy award for Creator of the Year – which he wasn’t present to receive, as he was, instead, filming the interview with The Hollywood Fix.