Jake Paul claims he’ll fight anyone at YouTubers vs TikTokers who “impresses” him

Andrew Amos
Jake Paul with WBC beltInstagram: Jake Paul

The influencer boxing ring is expanding with a new card featuring a dozen social media stars from both YouTube and TikTok. However, the self-proclaimed “Don Dada,” Jake Paul, says he will be watching eagerly to find his next worthy opponent.

What started as beef between Logan Paul and KSI has turned into a multi-million dollar endeavor. YouTubers around the world are taking to the boxing ring in droves, and there’s been no bigger step than the new “YouTubers vs TikTokers” fight.

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Influencers from both platforms will be clashing on a card filled with rivalries on June 5, featuring 14 fighters. KSI’s younger brother Deji, ACE Family’s Austin McBroom, FaZe Jarvis, Bryce Hall, Vinnie Hacker, and more have been listed on the card.

YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing matchInstagram: Austin McBroom/ FaZe Jarvis / Tayler Holder / Bryce Hall
The YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing match features some big names from both platforms, including FaZe Jarvis and Bryce Hall.

The event has turned heads in influencer circles, and it’s got some of the self-proclaimed “Kings” of YouTube boxing on notice.

Jake Paul, who’s currently prepping for his bout against retired UFC fighter Ben Askren on April 17, has congratulated the fighters on the card. However, that’s not all, because he’s also challenging them if they can “impress” him.

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“Happy and proud of some of my brothers and previous opponents who will be fighting in the [YouTubers vs TikTokers] event. I hope you guys take it [seriously] and give it your 110% effort,” he said in a March 18 Twitter post.

“If any one of y’all impress me that night with a performance, I just might let you step into the big leagues for a chance at the Don Dada.”

Paul also couldn’t help but take a jab at Nate Robinson too by saying “Nate learned the hard way, don’t make the same mistake.” The former NBA star, who’s not on the new card, was handily beaten by Paul in their 2020 bout.

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Tanner Fox, one of the YouTube fighters, has taken Paul’s words to heart. Fox replied to Paul’s tweet saying he’s “bouta go crazy.”

Jake Paul’s expectations are sky-high.

This is the man who challenged Conor McGregor after all. However, he may look to bring up one or two of these grassroots fighters to the big leagues as he “continues to lead this movement of bringing more eyeballs” to boxing.

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