Jake Paul explains why he’s not afraid of any pro boxers amid rumors of next opponent

jake paul boxingInstagram: Jake Paul

Jake Paul has explained why he doesn’t fear anyone in the world of boxing, especially when it comes to figthers in his weight class.

Ever since Jake Paul got involved with boxing and started racking up a pretty impressive record, doubters have urged him to fight someone who has boxed their whole life.

The number one name that fans have gone to is that of Tommy Fury. He and Jake have had a long-standing rivalry on social media, and have tried to fight two times before. Though, Tommy has pulled out of both.

Given that Jake returned to challenging Mixed Martial Artists in place of Tommy, some have suggested that he doesn’t actually want to fighter a ‘real boxer’. However, the ‘Problem Child’ says he’s not afraid of anyone.

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Jake Paul explains why he won’t shy away from any boxers

The YouTuber-turned-boxer appeared on Anthony Pompliano’s podcast to discuss his investments, boxing career, and beefs with other content creators. Naturally, the topic of who he could fight next came up.

“I mean, anyone in my weight class, I don’t give a f*ck. I will go in there and give everyone a run for their money and that’s right now,” Jake said about not shying away from any opponent. “You give me two more years, I’m getting exponentially better each year. I have the best coaches, I have the best training regime, and I have the best everything around me so I’m exponentially getting better.

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“I want it more than all of these fighters because they have been doing their whole life and they’re going through the motions, doing what they’ve always done. I’m the new kid on the block, I have a lot to prove. People say you have a chip on your shoulder, I have two, one on each side. I’m hungry, I’m relentless.”

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As it stands, Jake has a handful of fight offers on the table, and he confirmed that he’s also tried to get things to finally happen with Tommy Fury. Though, he’s apparently waiting on an answer.

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It remains to be seen as to who he will square off with next, but fans are eager for an announcement of any kind.