Tommy Fury reacts to his win against Jake Paul: “I delivered”

Tommy Fury win Jake Paul headerYouTube: iFL TV

Tommy Fury’s initial thoughts on his fight against Jake Paul provide some insight into when and if their rematch will take place, with Fury commenting on how he was able to “handle the pressure” and get the win.

After months of anticipation, Tommy Fury managed to defeat Jake Paul in a boxing match that felt as though it was never going to happen, with multiple delays and even Visa problems pushing the fight back time and time again. 

However, the two finally settled their rivalry in the ring, with Fury being awarded the victory via scorecards, with a 74-75 for Paul and 2x 76-73 for Fury, resulting in an overall victory over the influencer. 

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In a post-match interview, Fury gave his initial reaction to the fight and how he felt he performed despite the pressure and build-up leading up to the face-off.

Tommy Fury on his win against Jake Paul

“Everybody said Jake Paul would knock me out and guess what, they were wrong. I can here tonight, first time at the big dance I delivered. I showed everyone I can handle the pressure I went in there and did what I said I was going to do. I got the win.”

When asked how he felt Jake Paul performed, Fury complimented that YouTube star before teasing that their eventual rematch will be an even better fight.

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“No listen Jake Paul is a tough guy…he delivered but at the end of the day I’m levels above him and when the rematch gets made, you’ll see a lot better fight. There was a lot of pressure going into this match, my little girl was born three weeks ago so I had to deal with that but I’m here now with a win.”

And finally, Fury reflected on his own performance in the ring, admitting that his precision and more focused hits are what got him the win and why the judges awarded the fight to him over Jake.

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“I know I landed the cleaner punches and that was it. Thank god the judges scored with what actually landed.”

And while a rematch between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul is well and truly on the cards, KSI seems interested in getting his hands on Jake Paul before Fury get’s his second shot. However, time will tell who Jake Paul’s next opponent is.

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