Jake Paul claims he’ll “knock the *** out” of Fouseytube in boxing match

Virginia Glaze

With YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI throwing down in their highly-anticipated boxing rematch this November, fans are curious to see which YouTubers will fight on the undercard – and there might be a potential match, already.

Returning from a year-long social media hiatus, YouTuber Yousef “Fouseytube” Erakat is back and better than ever, scheduled to box Slim Albaher for charity in September – but he’s already looking for another challenge.

Fouseytube called out Jake Paul in a video on August 21, claiming that he wants “all the smoke” with the Team 10 leader due to “personal” reasons that he refrained from stating.

While Jake was initially silent on the subject, he finally spoke out on Fousey’s challenge in a joint video with older brother Logan Paul three days later – and he seemed fairly confident of his chances against his potential opponent.

“I would knock the fuck out of him,” Paul said of the matter. “Have you seen his sparring videos? The sad part about it is, I think he knows he would lose, deep down, but he won’t ever admit it. I know he knows that he will lose.”

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That’s not all: Jake even claimed that Fouseytube is boxing “for the wrong reasons,” alleging that he is only fighting for “clout,” and predicted a KO for his own fight in three rounds or less – “guaranteed.”

Although Paul didn’t make an official response to Fousey’s request, he isn’t the only YouTuber Erakat has called out: he likewise confronted KSI’s little brother, Deji Olatunji, who challenged him to a sparring match during a livestream.

“Deji, I don’t know what you’re thinking,” Fousey replied. “I don’t know who you thought you were against Jake, but you are not about that life. If you want to spar, you can get it any time.”

With the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch slated for November 9, those fighting in the event have just three months to prepare, with both Paul brothers suffering leg injuries ahead of the rematch – making for an interesting slew of predictions ahead of their bout.

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