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Trisha Paytas slams David Dobrik for “ruining” her life in emotional video

Published: 24/Aug/2019 21:42 Updated: 24/Aug/2019 21:52

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star David Dobrik is a popular face on the platform, boasting over 13 million subscribers as of August 24 – but fellow YouTuber Trisha Paytas is claiming that the vlogger has “ruined” her life.

Paytas uploaded a video on August 24 responding to YouTuber Jeff Wittek, who discussed an incident at a Starbucks where he allegedly saw Paytas – but didn’t mention her by name in his podcast episode on the subject.

According to Wittek, he left the Starbucks without causing a scene, although he refused to make eye contact with Paytas because he “doesn’t have any respect” for the YouTuber.

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Paytas gets emotional in her video response

While Wittek refused to name Paytas, she directly claimed that she was the person in question, and lashed out at both Wittek and David Dobrik, claiming that the past year has been “the worst year of her life.”

“Me and Jason had to hide our friendship or whatever the fuck we were for three months, because David did not want me in the friend group because I made a video about an uncomfortable incident that happened to me in my relationship!” Paytas yelled through tears.

What incident is Paytas talking about in her latest video?

The incident Paytas referred to occurred earlier this year, after she spoke out about her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash joking about having a threesome with YouTuber Tana Mongeau – who was just twenty years old at the time, compared to Nash’s 45 years.


This proposition made both Paytas and Mongeau uncomfortable, with Dobrik allegedly shutting Paytas out of the “Vlog Squad” due to the ensuing drama.

While Paytas’ original video has since been deleted from YouTube, copies of her emotional spiel are still floating across the platform – and the beef is still ongoing, with the YouTuber accusing Dobrik of “using” other content creators for his vlogs before kicking them out of the squad.

“I’ll call his name out, David Dobrik – the worst,” Paytas said in her latest video. “Uses, uses, uses, and then, ‘Oh, you’re not good anymore? Get her out of the group.’”


Tana Mongeau, InstagramPaytas exposed now ex-boyfriend Jason Nash for joking about having a threesome with YouTuber Tana Mongeau, who was twenty years old at the time – a stark contrast to Nash’s 45 years.

Dobrik has yet to speak out on Paytas’ video as of publishing this article.