Jake Paul claims he would knock out Jorge Masvidal after altercation with TikToker

Masvadal gets into altercation at Jake Paul fightTikTok/corbinbrycemillet/Instagram/Jakepaul

Jake Paul is backing up one of his supporters on TikTok after a fan supposedly got into an altercation with UFC star Jorge Masvidal during Jake’s fight with Tyron Woodley.

Influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul stunned the boxing world by scoring a knockout victory in the sixth round in his rematch against former UFC welterweight champ Woodley.

During the fight, however, it seems as if there was some trouble afoot ringside with a TikToker claiming that Masvidal tried to fight him.

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In a viral TikTok video, user Corbin Millet made explained his side of the story and accused the mixed martial artist’s team of taking his footage.

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Jake Paul defends fan after Jorge Masvidal altercation

“Everyone is saying that I pushed Masvidal, which is complete bulls**t. All I said is that Jake would knock him out like Woodley. Obviously, he didn’t like that, so his managers took my phone and deleted the whole video,” he said.

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According to Millet, the UFC star’s managers were lying about the situation and are trying to make him look bad. Now, he’s offering $5,000 to anyone that can provide a video where he supposedly pushed the fighter.

In the original viral video of the altercation shows an upset Jorge getting into a heated exchange with Millet at the Woodley vs Paul match. During the verbal onslaught, Millet has his hands raised, seemingly not wanting a piece of the pro fighter.

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Jake Paul on tiktokTikTok
Jake Paul came to his fan’s defense.

Jake Paul, however, commented on the clip writing, “if he touched you I would’ve slept him.”

Masvidal and Paul have been trying to find a common battleground to square off. The UFC star turned down a $5M payday from the YouTuber. Instead, he suggested Jake sign a one fight deal with the UFC, as the company wouldn’t let him leave the promotion to fight in a boxing event.

Whether or not we see Paul vs Masvidal remains to be seen, but it could end up being one of the best rivalries in the boxer’s young career if the two ever come to an agreement.

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