Jake Paul claims Dana White is “ducking” his Conor McGregor UFC fight offer

Jake Paul and Conor McGregor side-by-side in gymInstagram: Jake Paul/Conor McGregor

Jake Paul claims that Dana White is “ducking” his offer to take on Conor McGregor and that he is completely serious about fighting the Irish superstar. 

Since stepping into the fight game, Jake Paul has been making waves in the world of boxing. Though, he’s also been causing a bit of chaos on the Mixed Martial Arts side of things as well.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer has gone after UFC President Dana White over fighter pay and healthcare, tried to convince Jorge Masvidal to step into the boxing ring, and has repeatedly taken shots at Conor McGregor about his recent losses.

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Jake has also offered to fight McGregor on numerous occasions as well, both in the Octagon and the boxing ring – with his most recent offer having the added bonus of him dropping his beef with the UFC once and for all.

Jake Paul with Dana White actor is submission holdYouTube: Jake Paul
Jake Paul notably created a diss track calling out UFC president Dana White over fighter pay.

Well, according to Jake, the UFC and Dana have been ducking him on that proposal despite doing a few media appearances in that time.

The 25-year-old was quizzed by TMZ Sports about whether or not he’d heard any rumblings, and he confirmed he hadn’t. “Not as of yet, you know he keeps on going on interviews, he was on my brother’s podcast and he seems to be ducking the whole entire thing,” Jake said.

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One bone of contention that White has had about the fight is that Jake and Conor are in vastly different weight classes. Though, Jake believes that’s not really a hurdle. “He doesn’t realize that Conor and I weigh the exact same right now, Conor is walking around at 190 lbs and I’m walking around at 190 lbs.”

Even though McGregor is one of the UFC’s greatest attractions, Jake is convinced that he’d only need six months’ worth of training to beat him, as he believes the Irishman is “declining.”

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The social media star has already confirmed that he’ll be back in action come August, and while he isn’t sure if that’ll be against McGregor, he does an ideal opponent in mind.