Jake Paul makes Conor McGregor fight offer to end UFC beef once and for all

jake paul conor mcgregorJake Paul, Conor Mcgregor

Jake Paul has made a massive bid to UFC president Dana White, requesting one single fight against Conor McGregor. He offered to hand over his entire purse from the fight to smaller UFC fighters and never speak of the sport again if he loses.

Jake Paul’s taunting of Conor McGregor is seemingly endless.

The YouTuber-turned-fighter has been egging on the legendary UFC fighter for two years now and has made bold claims if they ever faced off, “I would KO Conor in boxing or MMA. Right hand of God,” he said.

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Now, he’s made head of UFC Dana White a massive offer he might not be able to refuse.

jake paul and dana white from ufcJake Paul, Instagram / Andrius Petrucenia, Wikimedia
Jake Paul has a 5-0 boxing record.

Jake Paul’s final offer to fight Conor McGregor

On March 12, Paul put all his cards on the table and put out a massive offer to fight McGregor. “Dana – Since you like me now, how about a 1 fight UFC deal to fight Conor?” Jake asked.

His proposal is massive. “If I win, you agree to my UFC fighter pay and healthcare proposal,” he stated. The star has previously slammed the UFC’s handling of healthcare for its fighters.

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If he loses, however, he’s offering up a ton. “If I lose I donate my entire purse to all UFC fighters who make less than $50K a fight and never mention UFC again,” he said.

Dana has been occupied getting Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 3 to become a reality.

While a fight between Paul and McGregor is still unlikely, Conor did leave a shred of hope for a matchup down the line: “Never say never.”

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