Retired boxer Tony Bellew slams Jake Paul’s 2022 goals as a “disgrace”

Jake Paul next to Tony BellewIG: TonyBellew / JakePaul

Former professional boxer Tony Bellew roasted YouTuber Jake Paul for his 2022 goals, which included some thinly-veiled digs at the sport of boxing. 

Since KSI and Joe Weller stepped into the ring to fight one another back in 2018, YouTube boxing has exploded in popularity. Jake Paul has been a big part of that, fighting Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, and, most recently, Tyron Woodley.

In typically confident fashion, Jake ushered in the new year by laying a series of challenges at the feet of Dana White, the President of the UFC. He followed up his audacious remarks with an equally bold list of his 2022 goals which, amongst others, included “going to [a] chiropractor to heal back from carrying the sport of boxing”.

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Naturally, his comments attracted some high-profile responses, not least from retired English boxer Tony Bellew, who once held the WBC Cruiserweight title.

“You couldn’t carry the jockstrap of a proper BOXER son.. please rephrase point 4!”, Bellew said.

The former fighter is amongst those who have been most critical of YouTube’s tendency towards the sport, suggesting it is dangerous.

Following up his tweet, Bellew noted that he’s not “hating” on Paul, but also that he hasn’t fought one “actual boxer” yet.

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“It’s not hate.. I don’t have time for that,” he said. “However to say he’s carrying our amazing sport and hasn’t boxed 1 actual boxer yet is a disgrace! He’s not a boxer until he beats a registered/ranked boxer.. You obviously don’t watch DAZN cos it’s just upset after upset lad.”

Many echoed Bellew’s comments, and some even suggested the former pro comes out of retirement to fight Jake Paul.

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We doubt it’ll happen but, knowing Jake’s track record, he probably wouldn’t turn it down.

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