Jake Paul mocked for MLB batting skills at Miami Marlins vs San Diego Padres game

Alec Mullins
Jake Paul in YouTube video

Jake Paul has dipped his toe into several sports and now he’s had a chance to show off his baseball skills as he was been invited to throw the ceremonial first pitch for the Miami Marlins.

Jake Paul’s tour of the sporting world just keeps chugging along. While he’s primarily focused on the world of boxing, where he’s had two last-minute fight cancelations in a row, he’s just taken a little break to enjoy some baseball action as well.

As he shared on Instagram on August 15, he was all set to throw the ceremonial first pitch at tonight’s Miami Marlins v. San Diego Padres game. However, it was some viral batting clips that landed him in hot water instead.

Jake Paul attends Miami Marlins MLB game

Jake had a bit of fun when sharing the news with his fans. On his IG story, he shared the initial message and then put up a poll to see how much faith his followers really have in him.

“What will my pitch be?” he asked, providing three options for them to pick from:

  • Ball
  • Strike
  • Hit someone in the crowd

Unfortunately, the first pitch isn’t televised all that often, but it seems likely that footage of the event will find its way online shortly after.

The first viral clip surfaced soon after his first steps on the field. Unfortunately missing every pitch that came his way in this brief look, the footage soon exploded across social media.

Regardless of how it went, Jake can’t think about it too long as he’s got a whole lot of boxing-related problems to sort out to get that side of his career back on track.