Tyron Woodley to train with Floyd Mayweather ahead of fight with Jake Paul

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UFC star Tyron Woodley has happily accepted boxing legend Floyd Mayweather’s offer to train ahead of his fight against YouTuber Jake Paul.

Tyron Woodley is a former UFC Welterweight Champion, who held the belt for about three years before finally losing it to Kamaru Usman in his fifth title defense. An understandably renowned fighter, many are rooting for the 39-year-old to end Jake Paul’s undefeated boxing streak on August 28.

One such person rooting for Woodley is Floyd Mayweather Jr., one of the greatest boxers of all time and the opponent for Jake’s older brother, Logan, on June 6.

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After Mayweather mentioned to reporters that he would like to help Woodley train to defeat Jake, the latter has told media that the camp is real and “definitely” going to happen. Calling Floyd “the greatest boxer of all time,” Woodley appears ready to learn from the 50-0 legend.

“Give me Tyron Woodley. I’m gonna make sure I get in camp and I’m gonna train him for this fight.” As Mayweather told media, he not only expects Woodley to defeat the 24-year-old Jake, but he wants to help him train to do so.

Undefeated in the ring, Mayweather is obviously a strong presence to learn from — even as some question the 44-year-old’s ability to beat the 26-year-old Logan.

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Like Woodley, Mayweather is decades older, inches shorter, and pounds lighter than his opponent. He’s also, like Woodley, much more experienced in combat sports. The parallels are there and the MMA fighter seems eager to accept the boxer’s training offer.

Talking to reporters, Woodley confirmed that the Mayweather camp is a certainty: “I just talked to him today. For sure, why would I not train with the greatest boxer of all-time? He’s already my dog. We’ve been talking about training anyways, so for sure, definitely going to take him up on that.”

With Floyd fighting Logan on June 6 and the Woodley vs Jake bout in August, there’s definitely time to pass on some knowledge about boxing… and the Paul brothers.