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Jaden Hossler slams paparazzi for making him speed by following him

Published: 1/Nov/2020 17:06

by Charlotte Colombo


TikToker Jaden Hossler has spoken out against celebrity photographer Kevin Wong for “following” him on his Instagram story.

Jaden Hossler has been under a lot of scrutiny recently. As well as being accused of “disrespect” by music producer Christian Delgrosso, his new leaked song with Iann Dior – entitled ‘Tonight’ –  also caused a lot of backlash, with many assuming that he was taking a swipe at ex-girlfriend Mads Lewis.

Naturally, this has led to Hossler receiving a lot more press attention, but as demonstrated by his recent Instagram story – which depicted a run-in with paparazzo Kevin Wong – this can sometimes go too far.


Celebrity photographer Kevin Wong is a regular paparazzo in the LA area, and can usually be found interviewing and photographing various TikTok stars and influencers on his YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Instagram: Kevin Wong
Kevin Wong is an established photographer, who can usually be found creating content surrounding TikTok stars.

He has received some criticism in the past for his slightly forward and pushy approach, and he has been called out by Hossler himself on Instagram.

Hossler’s story shows Wong tailing Hossler in his car, with Hossler pointing out in his story that Wong even had to pull over on the highway due to his pursuit of Hossler.

He admits in the story that he was “speeding to get away” because he didn’t know who was following him. Criticizing Wong for being “unsafe”, he said that rather than following him, Wong should “at least find us naturally in restaurants or something”.


He can also be heard in the video saying: “Please stop following me Kevin”.

Wong was quick to respond to these accusations by uploading a video of his own to social media.

He claims that he was “driving around and managed to bump into Jaden and Mads” by chance. Claiming that he assumed they would be going to a restaurant, he says he wanted to “see where they were going”and eventually do a video with them once they arrived at their location.

“As my job, I wanted to give you guys all the tea,” Wong said.

Referring to the moment where Hossler can be heard on camera telling Wong to stop following him, the photographer said that “out of respect for Jaden, I stopped following him”.


“There are many other paparazzi that would not,” Wong continued. “They would just keep following him and following him and following him. But me, I stopped.”

Directly addressing Hossler, Wong closed the video by saying: “Jaden, man, I apologize. I hope we’re on good terms. I respect you man, you’re a good musician and I look forward to continuing to work together”.

Hossler is yet to respond to Wong’s apology.