Jaclyn Hill pokes fun at her lipstick scandal after “karma” strikes back

Georgina Smith
Jaclyn Hill poses with her head on her hand sitting down

Beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill has called a gross takeout incident “karma” for her 2019 lipstick scandal where many buyers found their lipsticks to be defective, with bits of fluff and other foreign objects stuck to the product.

Jaclyn Hill is huge in the YouTube beauty community. She started her channel in 2011, and in the decade since has built her subscriber base to almost 6 million subscribers, and has even collaborated with huge A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

Perhaps that was why she had so far to fall when she launched her own makeup line, a collection of 20 diverse lipsticks that her fans were eagerly awaiting. Many ended up disappointed though, as customers began flooding social media with images of their defective products.

She was initially criticized for her defensive tone in responding to people’s reports, and even in September made a reference back to the scandal in a now-deleted tweet saying “People really dragged me to filth when I had a scandal with my lipsticks, but are nowhere to be found when I’m ‘unproblematic’ and doing well.”

But it seems as though the beauty star is coming to terms with the scandal and is able to see the funny side, after she uploaded an Instagram story making fun of herself for the huge scandal.

She had found a thick black hair stuck to the box of the takeout noodles she’d just ordered, zooming in on the offending item while laughing. “Is it mine, or is it a p*be?” she said.

“You know what? Whenever this happens to me now, I accept it, and I just eat the whole thing. This is my karma for my lipsticks. I deal with the hairs.”

People loved the funny clip, with fans saying they “respect the fact that she can joke about it,” and another had a change of heart about the star. “Even though I have been very critical of her and how she handled things, I love this. You can just feel she has been doing better lately & just doing her thing.”

It seems that fans who strayed after the crazy lipstick scandal are now starting to return, after Jaclyn proved that she can laugh about what happened, as upsetting as the situation was.

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