Jaclyn Hill apologizes for “childish” tweet over lipstick controversy

Jaclyn Hill speaks to her fans against a blue background.YouTube: Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is one of YouTube’s top beauty gurus — but her lipstick scandal in 2019 sparked a huge amount backlash against the star, who lashed out at critics for switching up on her in a recent tweet.

Jaclyn Hill is, plain and simple, a massively popular social media influencer. The makeup mogul has successfully begun her own empire, collaborating with brands like Morphe to create one of the biggest palettes among beauty enthusiasts.

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Boasting over 5.8 million subscribers, Hill has become a household name in YouTube’s makeup community — but not always for the best reasons.

In 2019, the influencer suffered a major blow to her reputation after buyers discovered the lipsticks they’d purchased from her line contained foreign objects like fuzz and were even misshapen.

The controversy caused a slew of criticism toward Hill, who eventually disappeared from social media and self-medicated her growing depression and anxiety with alcohol — but after making a huge comeback, the star has is now hitting back at those who blew up her lipstick scandal.

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“D***, people really dragged me to filth when I had a scandal with my lipsticks,” she wrote in a tweet on September 3. “But are no where to be found when I’m ‘unproblematic’ and doing well. I hope they enjoyed that paycheck they got from the views, though!”

Unfortunately for Hill, her tweet was *also* met with contention among fans — not a surprising development, unfortunately, considering that just about every move the mogul makes these days is placed under the microscope.

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Many critics accused the star of attention seeking after her post went viral, while others felt she “earned” the “dragging” brought about by the lipstick drama last year.

It seems the division spun out of control, as Hill apologized for the Tweet on September 4, claiming that some had spread rumors she was referencing specific faces in the beauty community.

“Last night I made a tweet that I shouldn’t have,” she wrote. “I was very emotional and should have put my phone down instead of reacting childish. I was not referring to fans, I was not referring to drama channels and I was not referring to certain influencers that have now been brought into this.”

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Hill went on to claim that she should have handled the matter privately instead of venting on social media. While critics are still quick to judge, we’ve certainly all been there — just not continuously faced with the ire of millions of haters.

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