Jaclyn Hill calls out “toxic” Instagram messages shaming her for eating

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YouTuber Jaclyn Hill has called out “toxic” Instagram messages from people shaming her for eating Mac and Cheese during her weight loss journey. 

YouTuber and Beauty guru Jaclyn Hill explained in her October 18 upload that instead of a crash diet, she’s focusing on making healthy choices that will impact her lifestyle long-term.

That hasn’t stopped her from treating herself to a bit of ‘unhealthy’ food every once in a while. This led her and her husband to decide to check out fellow YouTuber ‘Larray’ and his gourmet Mac and Cheese restaurant.

After uploaded a video of the couple enjoying the food to her Instagram Stories, Hill said she was met with fans sending her messages to shame her for eating it.

Jaclyn Hill calls out “toxic” messages

In her video on the topic, she said: “I’m so annoyed right now, this is the kind of stuff I hate talking about but we’re keeping it 100 right now.”

After that, she went on to describe some of the messages she’s gotten from fans criticizing her.

“This isn’t healthy Jaclyn, You’re not gonna lose weight eating like this,” she read, getting visibly frustrated.

“This is the kind of behavior that the internet delivers on a daily basis no matter how many followers you have. It’s so toxic and bad for your mental state, and it makes me just want to shovel food into my mouth,” she said about the comments.

This isn’t the first time Jacklyn has had interactions with people judging her lifestyle. Back in June, the beauty guru clapped back at a vegan YouTuber who claimed her diet was “incredibly unsafe.”

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