IShowSpeed threatened by police with felony after making emergency call

Shay Robson
IShowSpeed next to two police officers in his home

IShowSpeed was given a warning by the police, with the young YouTube star even being threatened with a felony charge after dialing emergency services.

After being banned from Twitch, IShowSpeed has amassed over 18 million subscribers on YouTube to date.

Whether it be setting off fireworks in his own home or shocking the crowd by performing at the Rolling Loud music festival, the YouTuber gets up to some pretty wild stuff – all while streaming to of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

It’s fair to say his viewers play a pretty big part in his content, too, regularly trolling the young star and tricking him into doing some ludicrous things.

IShowSpeed threatened with felony after making emergency call

During his July 23 live stream, the 18-year-old was shocked to his core after two police officers arrived at his home. Earlier in the same stream, Speed was told to dial 112, the emergency services number in the EU which redirects to 911 in the States, prompting the response from the police.

The officers asked the YouTube star why he dialed the number, where he claimed that he had no idea the number is for the emergency services — explaining that his friend on PlayStation party chat told him to call the number.

The officer then gave Speed a pretty stern warning, explaining that it’s on record that he was told by the police not to call 911 or 112 already, adding that it’s a felony of the fourth degree that could land him some jail time.

“Listen to me loud and clear, I would be very careful calling three-digit numbers that your friends tell you to call,” said the officer. “There’s a thing called disruption of public service. All right?”

“You can look up the advice code if you want. It’s a felony of the fourth degree that carries prison time. Does that make sense? Do you understand that? This isn’t a joking matter.”

A felony of fourth degree can carry to up to 18 months of prison time, with a minimum sentence of six months. Those charged with a crime will also pay up to $5,000 in fines and spend up to five years on community control.

Speed assured the officers before they left that he wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

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