IShowSpeed impersonates fan’s dad and risks their suspension by calling teacher a “b****”

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speed-fan-suspendedYouTube: Speedy Boykins

Streaming star IShowSpeed risked getting one of his fans suspended at school after impersonating their dad during a FaceTime call and insulting their substitute teacher.

American broadcaster IShowSpeed is known for his wild on-stream antics. From setting off a huge firework in his room to diving into his own streaming setup, Speed is a wild card through and through — and fans love it.

Speed is also known for organizing the occasional prank call. In fact, he even got YouTube icon MrBeast to hang up on him after he began barking at the internet star during an impromptu FaceTime chat.

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Now, another one of Speed’s FaceTime fiascos is going viral after a fan claimed he risked getting them suspended from school due to a prank gone wrong.

iShowSpeed stood in front of wall of shoesYouTube: Complex
IShowSpeed is known for his over-the-top live streams.

IShowSpeed risks fan’s suspension after calling their teacher a ‘b*tch’

During a recent stream, Speed FaceTimed a fan at school, who walked up to their teacher in an attempt to get Speed to speak with them.

However, Speed suddenly turned the tables, claiming that he was the kid’s parent and that he wanted to see how his ‘son’ was doing in school.

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The teacher explained that she was merely a substitute and wasn’t aware of the student’s performance outside of this particular class… and that’s when Speed took the prank to the next level.

“Okay well, listen here, b*tch — don’t ever talk to my son like that ever again,” Speed said.

The substitute was definitely not pleased with this comment and told the student he “must be talking about his mother,” saying, “Don’t talk to me like that! Forget you!”

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The student wasn’t happy with the streamer either, saying, “Speed, you a hoe, bro! You’re gonna get me suspended, bro.”

Speed clearly felt bad about the situation and offered to CashApp the poor student $50 for his troubles. It’s unclear if the fan actually got suspended or not, but the whole situation certainly made for some interesting live streamed entertainment.

This is just the latest wild incident to come out of Speed’s stream after he began farting in front of fellow streamer Kai Cenat and his girlfriend.

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