IShowSpeed dominates YouTube stream viewership against Dr Disrespect & Ludwig

Michael Gwilliam
Ishowspeed tops youtube against ludwig and dr disrespect

Rising YouTuber IShowSpeed has crushed his streaming opposition in June, surpassing the likes of former Twitch stars Dr Disrespect, Ludwig, TimTheTatman and Sykkuno in the process.

IShowSpeed has been a content machine in recent months, with the streamer infamously being kicked out of an amusement park, setting off fireworks in his house and even getting banned for using an adult Minecraft mod.

All his shenanigans have seemingly helped the YouTuber’s rise, however, as StreamElements and’s latest report shows that Speed has emerged as the platform’s top streamer in June.

This comes amid increasing competition from VTubers and YouTube signing more Twitch icons to bring over to the rival site, making Speed’s dominance all the more impressive.

ishowspeed youtube viewership
IShowSpeed has topped YouTube’s viewership for June.

IShowSpeed tops YouTube viewership charts ahead of Dr Disrespect

In total, Speed was the only YouTuber to have more than three million hours watched on the site while NobruTV and TypicalGamer trailed behind.

Former Twitch icons TimTheTatman, Sykkuno, and Ludwig all make the top seven as well having nestled on YouTube after agreeing to accept major offers to make Google’s platform their new home.

Dr Disrespect ended up rounding out the top 10 with around 1.5M hours watched. For the two-time, these numbers are nothing to scoff at, but it goes to show just how dominant Speed has become when compared with Doc.

iShowSpeed angry at fortnite
iShowSpeed is a popular YouTuber known for his over-the-top reactions.

Given Speed’s insane July that saw him reach the 10 million subscriber milestone, it will be fun to see what his stats look like in the following month and if he can end up surpassing his June performance. Or if anyone can manage to outdo the up-and-comer.

For now, though, Speed is the undisputed king of YouTube live gaming content and could be for quite some time in the months to follow.