IShowSpeed claims he’s banned on YouTube after streaming adult Minecraft mod

Zackerie Fairfax
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Massively popular streamer IShowSpeed claims he’s been banned from YouTube after streaming an adult Minecraft mod to 90K live viewers.

IShowSpeed has quickly become one of the most popular content creators on the internet. With his frequent outbursts of rage, boisterous personality, and out-of-pocket commentary, he’s become one of the most prominent personalities on YouTube.

After making some off-hand comments on Adin Ross’ dating show, E-Date, Speed was banned from Twitch and found a new home on YouTube. But that wouldn’t be the last time Speed was called out for his colorful stream commentary.

However, Speed’s most recent controversy had those involved using their mouth in a different way. On July 21, 2022, Speed live streamed an adult Minecraft mod where an NPC named Jenny ate Steve’s “cooked porkchop”.

IShowSpeed claims he’s been banned

While Speed acknowledged the content he is streaming is explicit and that his “child” viewers shouldn’t see it, he went on to play the mod. He covered and uncovered the screen multiple times, showing Steve’s male anatomical parts going into Jenny’s mouth. At the time, he had over 90K concurrent viewers.

This evoked a range of emotions from the YouTube community. Many viewers didn’t see any issue with the content, stating that various GTA RP streams show similar acts. Others felt it irresponsible of Speed to expose his younger viewers to adult content.

On July 22, IShowSpeed posted a story to his Instagram, writing: “I’m banned guys, goodbye.” He also tweeted a screenshot of a message from YouTube showing that the stream had been taken down. This also means Speed received a community guideline strike on his channel.

In a back and forth with Full Squad Gaming’s Jake Lucky, Speed explained that he had deleted the stream as soon as it showed any explicit content. He also posted a video titled “last message” to his second channel in which he told his fans he’s “gone” and wishes he could have hit 10 million subs.

“I don’t know when I’ll be back. I don’t know if I will be back,” Speed stated. “Ya’ll probably will never see me again.”

However, according to YouTube, Speed is only banned from streaming for two weeks. This is the punishment that every channel incurs when they get their second strike, and it can even be seen outlined in the goodbye video.

Regardless, it seems Speed is going to be taking some time off from creating content for a little bit. His fans will await his return, whenever -and if ever – that will be.

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