IShowSpeed claims KSI doesn’t like him over 2023 Sidemen Charity Match invite drama

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YouTube star IShowSpeed believes KSI “genuinely” doesn’t like him after the Brit joked about not inviting him to year’s Sidemen Charity Match. 

When IShowSpeed first burst onto the streaming scene, there were a few well-known content creators that showed him plenty of love and wanted to stream alongside him. The biggest of which being KSI. 

After a few Facetime calls, Speed and the British YouTube icon finally met up during last year’s Sidemen Charity Match, with Speed getting his claws into KSI early on with a robust tackle during the start of the game. 

It was all in good fun, though, as the pair hung out after and have kept up with their on-stream calls. Though, as KSI suggested not inviting him to this year’s game, Speed seemingly took it to heart.

Speed believes KSI “genuinely” doesn’t like him

During the early part of his June 5 stream, the YouTube streamer was alerted to a clip of the Sidemen discussing who should get an invite to this year’s installment of their annual charity match. 

While a few of them were on board with bringing Speed back, KSI said that he’d “fallen off” and was unsure as to whether he’d be worthy of an invite. While some assumed the Brit was joking, Speed took it a bit differently. 

“Really man? I looked up to you, bro. I don’t know if I can look up to this guy anymore bro,” Speed said after a bit of silence before getting a little more serious. “Why don’t this guy don’t like me? I get we joke around and stuff, but it’s like he doesn’t genuinely like me. I don’t know what it is. Like, I joke around with my friends but when KSI jokes, I don’t know if it’s some Nigerian-English type of humor, but that’s crazy man.”

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They’re probably not completely beefing mind you, seeing as KSI doesn’t go as harsh on him as he does Jake Paul, and the Sidemen haven’t invited anyone yet. 

Seeing as the charity match is still a few months away – it’ll take place in September – we’d bank on Speed showing up in one way or another.

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